It is no longer breaking news; the wave cryptocurrency has made in the financial world. From a little ink drop in 2009 when BTC was first mined to this day, no currency or transaction story can be told without dedicating a bunch of chapters to cryptocurrency. The existence of various blockchains has brought about the birth of various tokens.

 Just as fiat currency is traded physically and digitally through banks and various exchange platforms, the need for crypto exchanges arose and various exchange platforms have been introduced to date.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms used for the exchange or trade of cryptocurrencies for other assets which may include digital assets and fiat currencies or even trade one crypto for another. Some of these exchanges allow for only purchase while some allow for both purchase and withdrawal to cryptocurrency wallets.



Owing to its control and ownership by a private company, centralized exchanges offer more reliability to cryptocurrency traders because of their many features and advantages including but not limited to their security, non-complexity, and flexibility.

However, the most convenient edge that cryptocurrency exchanges have brought to the crypto world is the elimination of the need for a third party for transaction purposes. The availability of peer-to-peer transactions bridges the gap or need for a third party to successfully carry out transactions without any party necessarily knowing the identity of the other. Thereby, creating anonymity in carrying out transactions


SATOBYTE is an investment company whose main activity is aimed at cryptocurrency arbitrage trading.

Arbitrage trading in the cryptocurrency and crypto market involves buying crypto assets on an exchange at a lower price and selling the same asset on another exchange at a higher price. It is a prevalent opportunity in the crypto sector, a type of trading strategy where investors take advantage of the price discrepancies across multiple exchanges and markets. The volatility of the crypto market presents the opportunity for even a non-professional to begin arbitrage trading. Because no previous knowledge of market analysis or predictive pricing strategy is needed.

We have been in business over the times trading and investing in BTC, ETH and BNB though we are working towards including other coins in our portfolio. Our professionalism and service delivery speaks for us as large volumes of transactions are carried out per second on our site Over the years of our crypto experience, we have come across several exchanges including exchanges that failed due to either technical, security, or operative failures. We have traded on many exchanges, carried out constructive criticism on the majority of them, and read through reviews from users. After many reviews and research, we found out that crypto traders are deeply concerned with the security of their assets and the fees incurred in carrying out transactions as well as the liquidity of such exchanges. We have also listened to requests from our community and have decided to make some improvements by bringing to you our exchange. At the moment, SATOBYTE will support  BTC, BNB, ETH, and USDT. More coins will be added later. Generally, coins will be added based on credibility, user base, and liquidity. We highlighted some key features lacking either partially or wholly in these exchanges and have made all-around improvements in bringing to you SATOBYTE EXCHANGE. Some of these features include, but are not limited to:


 “Trust no one, believe no one” seems to be the monetary clause that guides any financial transaction. Every cryptocurrency trader would love exchange with a strong firewall and impenetrable security, and this is what we are offering. SATOBYTE is experienced in the crypto business and has a strong record of “no-fund loss” over its years of business all thanks to our highly professional, committed, and fully equipped tech group. With your help and our full commitment, SATOBYTE will be the always go-to exchange.


Many exchanges have a shallow order book and this leads to high slippage when trading which is very inconvenient to traders. We offer you a well-bootstrapped exchange to tackle and defeat this challenge.


Anybody can be willing to trade on an exchange but because of the complexity of many exchanges, not everybody is comfortable navigating the various functions of such exchanges. Our platform will be such that even a newbie will not encounter much difficulty in navigating and exploring the platform.


We will have a mobile app of SATOBYTE to ease trading and exchange at any place and at any time. This will reduce or prevent missing of advantageous trades due to proximity from a PC or desktop.


We know that most crypto enthusiasts or even beginners in the crypto world will prefer exchanges that offer them an opportunity to learn more about the different coins that they are trading and even learn about blockchain technology. More entertaining is the learn-to-earn strategy which we will employ. Watching educative clips or answering quizzes about different coins and the blockchain technology will earn participants some crypto which they can either choose to hold or convert to something else.


With a matching engine of 1,800,000 orders/second which we will keep on improving, you are sure of a seamless transaction with no lags and avoidance of slippages.


Because we are as old as a man in this business, we have firsthand information on innovative and stable coins and these coins will be added early to the exchange for our community to jump on early increments.


Our initial release will be in English and French language. Other languages will be added subsequently.


Our exchange will be available across all compatible devices.


SATOBYTE EXCHANGE will generate revenue of its own via trading on the platform to aid the stable price floor of the token. Such revenue will be generated via the following means:

LISTING FEE: After carrying out our due and financial diligence, coins to be listed on the exchange will pay listing fees.

EXCHANGE FEES: A certain percentage will be charged per trade. Variations will be introduced subsequently but no fee will be over 0.1%.

WITHDRAWAL FEES: For every withdrawal made on the SATOBYE EXCHANGE, a fee will be charged.



Our token, SATOTOKEN will be issued with a strict limit of 100 billion.

Presale: 40%

Marketing: 4%

Transaction Fee: 3%

Community: 50%

Branding And Improvements: 3%

We will burn a certain percentage of the token every SATO year to aid in maintaining a stable price floor. SATOTOKEN will be used to pay for any fee on the exchange. 3% will be used for improving and branding and carrying out adequate upgrades and recruiting more competent team members.


We are an investment company whose main activity is aimed at cryptocurrency arbitrage trading.

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