Satobyte X Binance Dual investment scheme

Introducing Satobyte X Binance Dual Investment: Optimize Your Crypto Holdings

Have you always wanted to grow your crypto holdings, only to end up hesitating due to market uncertainties? We have an innovative solution tailored for you.

Unlock the potential to maximize your earnings from crypto holdings with Satobyte X Binance Dual Investment, a groundbreaking crypto investment product developed by Binance and Satobyte. With Satobyte X Binance Dual Investment, you can commit your crypto holdings and secure a savings yield while having the opportunity to earn even higher returns if the market price of your crypto assets rises.

The return on your savings is tied to market movements. If the market price of your crypto holdings increases, surpassing the savings rate, you’ll enjoy higher earnings. Conversely, if the market price declines or your earnings do not exceed the savings rate, you’ll still receive the yield from your savings. In essence, your returns are optimized to benefit you.

We’re introducing Satobyte X Binance Dual Investment with investment products in Bitcoin (BTC) and USDT. Here’s what you need to know:

Key Terms to Understand:

  • Investment Date: The start of the savings product term when your entire investment amount should be in your exchange wallet.
  • Expiry Date: The date when you can redeem your saved crypto, along with interest, either in BTC or USDT.
  • Settlement Price: The crypto price at the expiry date is determined by an average value of a reference index across leading exchanges.
  • Strike Price: The threshold price determines the form of return you’ll receive.
  • Rate of Return: Determines the size of your interest post the expiry date.
  • Annualized Rate of Return: Your interest rate stretched over a 360-day duration.
  • BTC Dual Investment Product: The BTC Dual Investment product acts as a hedging tool for BTC holders. If the BTC price surpasses the strike price, your returns will be in USDT. Otherwise, you’ll receive your BTC with interest.


Satobyte X Binance dual investment ensures optimal outcomes for your savings, regardless of market fluctuations. Start optimizing your crypto holdings today.







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